Wild at Heart ARC Review

Wild at Heart by KA Tucker

Genre: Romance/Women’s Fiction

Series: Wild #2

Release Date: February 18, 2020

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Heat Rating: 🔥

I received a complimentary advance title of this book from the author and Social Butterfly PR

Wild at Heart is book #2 in the Wild series. I would definitely advise reading book #1 The Simple Wild in the series before picking up this book.

When I started The Simple Wild last year, I already knew that KA Tucker was writing the sequel, but I didn’t quite understand why so many people were excited for the sequel. After absolutely loving The Simple Wild I was ready for the next book in the series! And I will admit that I was a bit scared to pick up Wild at Heart, because I wasn’t sure how it would measure up to The Simple Wild. Well, safe to say I LOVED Wild at Heart so much and have already read and re-read my favorite passages multiple times 💕

Wild at Heart picks up right where The Simple Wild left of. Jonah and Calla are ready for their new adventure, with Calla agreeing to move to Alaska so her and Jonah can be together again. Reading about these two again was like revisiting a favorite couple. I simply could not get enough. I loved their journey together and the little things that make up a couple – whether that was making small trivial decisions or the hopes and dreams that couples have together that you don’t really see in romance books.

At the heart of Wild at Heart is the love story between Jonah and Calla. I loved the fun and witty banter between the two. Jonah’s bluntness is still very much there – which resulted in quite a few funny scenes. But there was also a new vulnerability and tenderness between Calla and Jonah, now that they were starting their new life together. Everything that they do revolves around their love for one another. It’s the hurdles that they don’t expect that are the hardest.

As with The Simple Wild, I feel like KA Tucker does such a great job with weaving in the secondary characters of a book. In this case we get to meet a few members of the community where Calla and Jonah now live. There were funny moments, heartfelt moments and moments that had me fighting back tears. By the end of the book I came to love Muriel, Roy and Toby just as much as I love Agnes and Mabel.

Just as in The Simple Wild, KA Tucker is able to bring her story full circle. With each character playing a valuable role in Calla’s journey in Alaska. I was honestly so sad when Wild at Heart ended, because I could read another 10 books about Calla and Jonah’s adventures in Alaska. Thank you KA Tucker for writing such a wonderful followup to The Simple Wild!


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