Supporting BIPOC Authors

My heart has been heavy for weeks now and all but completely broke in the last few days. My skin is not white, and yet still I do not feel the same injustices as those who are Black. I may have felt prejudice and racism in the past, but I can not even pretend to know that it feels like to walk a mile in a Black American’s shoes.

I will be honest and say that I hadn’t really read very many books from authors who were not white in the past. It wasn’t until I joined bookstagram that I really noticed that most authors that I was supporting were mainly white authors. And that’s on me – because I should have been diversifying myself even before I joined bookstagram.

But that’s one great thing to come out of being friends with other book lovers who also make an effort to diversify the books that they read. I don’t particularly read a lot of non-fiction, but even through the fiction I read I am able to learn about different cultures if the books I am reading are not all by white authors. I am able to learn about the hardships and struggles that people of color face.

I looked at my shelves and I own six books by Black authors. I need to make an effort and change that number. In the picture above are a few Black authors who I have either read or will be reading very soon. I have diversified myself over the past year, but I need to do better.

I have so much learning to do and have to look within myself to start that change. I have been having an open dialogue with my friends, family and even my young children. We have to do better and it has to start with us. I need to take a real good look at the way I address racism, privilege and anti-Blackness. Not just today or tomorrow – we must be actively making these changes in the weeks, months and years to come.

Please consider reading from BIPOC authors – whether you enjoy reading fiction or non-fiction, there are so many resources available to us.

4 thoughts on “Supporting BIPOC Authors

  1. Such an important and wonderful post! I’m making a list of the books I’ve read so far (2020) that were written by BIPOC authors, and will have a list that will hold me accountable to read each month to read books by BIPOC and LGBTQ authors, it can’t be just a short-lived movement, it needs to become a habit.

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