What makes a binge-worthy series?

What makes a series binge-worthy for you? Is it the style the author writes? The characters that you love being connected to? Or is it a combination of both?

My favorite books to read are series. I love connecting with the characters and seeing how they evolve throughout the series. I don’t always love every book in a series equally and I think that’s okay. Sometimes book #1 takes a bit more word building and introductions to secondary characters. Other times it’s the first book that we fall in love with and don’t necessarily like the other secondary character’s stories.

Here I’m listing a few of my favorite binge-worthy series. Some are older and others are fairly new. Some I’ve only read a few books in the series but can’t wait to read the rest. What are your favorite binge-worthy series?

Helena Hunting Pucked

This series is so much fun – definitely had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. The series is super steamy, but also has a lot of heart. I feel like the deeper you get into the series, the more you end up caring for these wonderful characters!

Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay Saga

One of my favorite series by Nora Roberts that’s a bit old school (published in the late 90’s). I love when a family centered series is done well and Nora Roberts had me caring for all of the characters in this series. And feisty heroines who are independent – yes please!

Sarina Bowen Brooklyn/Brooklyn Bruisers

I started off with reading the Brooklyn Brusiers and then went on to read the Brooklyn series. These are some of my favorite Sarina Bowen books! Brooklynaire is up there as one of my favorite books.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips Chicago Stars

This series is quite simply amazing. It may seem a bit outdated now as these books came out in the mid 1990’s (yes, I had to go look that up!), but the banter is amazing and I LOVE the chemistry between all of the characters.

Lauren Layne Sex, Love and Stiletto/Oxford

This is the series of books that got me hooked on Lauren Layne books! I love a series centered around friendship and the friendship between the 4 women was so much fun!

Julie James FBI/US Attorney

Julie James writes amazing suspenseful romances filled with plenty of heat. This series was amazing and I have re-read these books too many times to count!

Lisa Kleypas The Ravenels

This series has it all – intrigue, suspense and wonderful romance. I love a great historical romance series and Lisa Kleypas knows how to write great series!

6 thoughts on “What makes a binge-worthy series?

  1. I think I read ALL of the series in this post 😀 So many fond memories!!! For me a bingeable series has fantastic characters, often a great group of friends or a big family, characters I want to read more about. But it’s most often also the writing that draws me back in. My most favorite series, that I’m still sticking with, are all written by amazing authors.

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