Meet Cute Review

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥

Kailyn and Daxton literally run into each other the first time they meet in law school. Daxton Hughes was a teen hearthrob when he was acting and one of his biggest fans was Kailyn. So when she fangirls over Daxton when they first meet, she’s a bit mortified.

Fast forward to a few years later when Daxton and Kailyn run into each other again (although not literally this time). Kailyn doesn’t really care for Daxton, especially since she believes that he betrayed her in law school. Circumstances have Daxton asking Kailyn to help him in a legal matter. Turns out Dax is guardian of his teenage sister and he’s at a loss of how to gain full custody of her.

Kailyn decides to step in and help Dax with his sister Emme as much as she can. What Kailyn doesn’t expect is to develop a close relationship with not only Emme, but Dax as well. But what is at stake if Kailyn and Dax decide to pursue a romantic relationship? Ultimately who will it harm and will the relationship be worth it?

I love Helena Hunting’s writing, but Meet Cute is not a lighthearted romantic comedy as the cover may suggest. There are serious issues being discussed in this book including grief and loss of a loved one. I do feel that Helena did a wonderful job navigating these issues and you could feel how desperate Daxton felt at times with having to be a guardian to a teenager.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Daxton and Kailyn. These two had great chemistry and I loved their banter. Helena always brings the heat and I loved the slow sensual burn between Dax and Kailyn. I appreciate the fact that Dax and Kailyn went slow with their relationship – especially since they were both career driven and both wanted what was best for Emme.


Story: 4
Overall: 4
Narration: 5

I am such a huge fan of Teddy Hamilton and I think he did such a wonderful job narrating Daxton and the other cast in Meet Cute! I could always feel the various emotions that each character is portraying through his narration. Holly Warren was such a great choice to narrate Kailyn. I could immediately feel the distrust that Kailyn had with Dax when she first met him again. But I also felt how much she cared for Dax and Emme when she got to know both of them. This was a great audiobook and I really enjoyed listening to Meet Cute!

**As well as listening to the audiobook of Meet Cute I simultaneously read an ARC of Meet Cute that was given to a friend from the publisher.

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