Not My Match ARC Review

Not My Match by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: The Game Changers #2

Release Date: January 19, 2021

Heat Level: 🔥🔥🔥

I received a complimentary copy and ALC from the publisher.


Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills delivers a smart and sexy romance about a professional football hottie and the girl he’s sworn to never touch.

Homeless and heartbreakingly innocent, Giselle Riley walks into my penthouse and chaos follows.

I shouldn’t have invited the girl genius to live with me, but it’s clear she needs my help—not only for a place to lay her pretty blonde head but in finding real love, which she’s not going to get with the crazy men she picks up online.

Too bad she’s a twenty-four-year-old virgin and I’m a bad boy wide receiver. She’s off limits for a hardcore player like me—and we’re just friends.

Instead, I’m her matchmaking service, no matter how jealous it makes me when I tag along on her dates.

I can keep my self-control. Right? No way will I give in to everything inside me that dreams of a girl like her in my world.

I may be the best wide receiver in the country, but how could I hold on to a girl like her?


Giselle Riley is book smart (she is a physicist after all), but she’s not having the best of luck with her dating life. It doesn’t help that Giselle’s brother in law, Jack (from Not My Romeo) has declared her off limits to his teammates including Jack’s best friend Devon. When a bad date leads Giselle to Devon’s night club, he ends up coming to her rescue and talks her into letting him set her up with a “perfect” date.

When an unfortunate circumstance leaves Giselle homeless for the moment, Devon comes to her rescue and lets her stay in his guest bedroom. Giselle and Devon slowly get to know one another – and Giselle even agrees to let Devon set her up on some dates. While roommates for the moment, Giselle and Devon end up spending a lot of time with one another. Will they stay friends or will their growing attraction towards one another lead to something more?

Immediately when Giselle and Devon were on the same page I could feel their electricity. I loved their sweet friends to lovers story. They truly took the time to get to know one another and that made me root for these two even more. Ilsa Madden-Mills definitely knows how to write steamy scenes and the sexy times between Devon and Giselle were so HOT! But underneath their physical attraction, both Devon and Giselle exposed their vulnerability and I loved that most of all.

Although I did read Not My Romeo, you don’t have to read these books in order to enjoy them. Not My Match can be read as a standalone.


Story: 5
Narration: 5
Overall: 5

I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook of Not My Match. The audiobook was narrated by Summer Morton and Alexander Cendese. These two did an amazing job narrating Giselle and Devon. I had not listened to an audiobook narrated by either Summer Morton or Alexander Cendese, but I feel like both of them did a wonderful job portraying different emotions for their characters. I could always tell if Devon or Giselle were happy, sad or anxious. I really enjoyed listening to this duo narrate Not My Match.

If you’re looking for a forced-proximity, friends to lovers steamy romance – grab your copy of Not My Match.

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