Series Spotlight – The Kingmaker & The Rebel King by Kennedy Ryan

I have had this duet sitting on my bookshelf for so long and I am totally beating myself over not picking it up sooner! Do you do that too? Well, if you have this duet – The Kingmaker & The Rebel King – sitting on your kindle, bookshelf or book cart – I highly recommend them!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this duet. And to be honest – the synopsis tells you enough about what the book is about, but at the same time nothing about what the book is about (I know that makes NO SENSE ha!). I will highlight what parts about this series that I loved –

  • A second chance romance told over the span of years
  • Two very head strong characters who will not settle for anything less, but want only the best for each other
  • Political intrigue and issues being discussed that are still affecting us including: how indigenous people are being treated, clean energy, race, gender
  • The sweetest, swooniest and 🔥🔥🔥 romance…sigh

I honestly LOVED these books so much and couldn’t stop reading once I started. Maxim and Lennix had that pull, that amazing chemistry whenever they were on the same page together. And I adored them together, but also came to love the people around them. Everyone from Lennix’s business partner Kimba to Maxim’s parents. Once you start reading The Kingmaker (book 1), be sure that The Rebel King (book 2) is ready!!

Have you read this duet or other books by Kennedy Ryan? I can’t wait to pick up more books from her backlist.

You can read my GoodReads review for The Kingmaker here and The Rebel King here!

CW: kidnapping, PTSD, death of a loved one (on page)


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