A Touch of Stone and Snow ARC Review

A Touch of Stone and Snow by Milla Vane

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Series: A Gathering of Dragons #2

Release Date: July 21, 2020

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥

I received a complimentary copy of this book form the publisher.

Lizzan, a mercenary for hire wanders the road in solitude. She prefers her drink strong and a place to sleep, but is willing to help those in need. The place she called home and her once lover have shunned her. She is an outcast and is determined to stay far away from Koth.

Aerax – also known as the feral prince of Koth – is seeking new alliances to help fight the destroyer. Lizzan and Aerax eventually meet on this road and there are so many unsaid words spoken between them. Lizzan believes that it was Aerax who exiled Lizzan from Koth, but how could it be when Aerax has never stopped loving her?

I absolutely love a second chance romance and I loved loved the first meeting between Lizzan and Aerax . I felt the love and longing between these two as much as the hurt. Milla Vane knows how to write such great dialogue and I was constantly looking forward to the banter between Lizzan and Aerax.

Beyond the love story between Lizzan and Aerax I loved the adventure that this book took me on. I have always loved mythology and learning about the legends of the various Gods that the people in this realm believe in was fascinating. I have so many parts highlighted because the storytelling was spectacular. But what is truth and what is the lie? Will people believe in something that is completely false because it was told to them in this manner for generations? And how will these lies and truths set the people of Koth and other realms free.

A Touch of Stone and Snow was a wonderful follow up to A Heart of Blood and Ashes. I loved being immersed in this world and absolutely cannot wait until the next book in the series is released!


A Heart of Blood and Ashes ARC Review

A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Series: A Gathering of Dragons #1

Release Date: February 4, 2020

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥

I received a complimentary advance title of this book from the publisher.

Maddek, a warrior prince has just lost his mother and father who were also king and queen and vows to find the reason why they were slain. Yvenne, a king’s daughter is also mourning her mother, but proposes a marriage to this warrior to achieve a shared goal. But can Maddek trust her when he realizes that she may have been part of the king and queens murder?

To say that I loved A Heart of Blood and Ashes, would be an understatement. I immediately fell in love with both Maddek and Yvenne. Maddek who was so strong and had the strength of his dragon (the immediate warriors that he trusts to surround him) and Yvenne who was the opposite – so very alone, weak and yet she was so sharp and had her wits about her. These two were immediately a perfect pair even though it may have taken some time for them to come around to one another.

One of the reasons I really enjoyed this book was the camaraderie between Maddek and his dragon, but also the beliefs that Yvenne has in her people. Even though there are great secrets being discussed in the throne room, the belief that their people are good is what fuels a great king and queen.

The attraction between Maddek and Yvenne was sizzling from the first moment these two met each other. I was definitely not expecting so much heat between these two and Milla Vane surprised me in the best of ways. The steamy scenes between Maddek and Yvenne were so damn hot and I loved it! Maddek and Yvenne are so primal and their attraction to one another doesn’t fool anyone. But it’s what’s beyond just the physical attraction that had me rooting for these two. Once their relationship is established, I loved the intimacy between Yvenne and Maddek. Alongside his dragon I was rooting for Maddek to make Yvenne his queen.

If you’re looking for an adventurous fantasy romance then look no further and pick up A Heart of Blood and Ashes. You will be suspended into fantastic world where you will feel the passion as well as the adventure taking place around you. I am so looking forward to the next book in the series!