Getaway Girl and Runaway Girl Reviews

Getaway Girl & Runaway Girl by Tessa Bailey

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Series: Girl #1 & Girl #2

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥

I’ve been in a reading slump these last few months. I haven’t had too many books where I pick them up and can’t stop reading them – even if the book ended up being a 5⭐️ book for me. I was doing a bookstagram stack challenge and had pulled out Getaway Girl by Tessa Bailey and decided to pick it up. Why I didn’t pick up this book sooner I don’t know!!!! I started it one evening and read 75% in one sitting and the rest of the book the next day. And then of course I had to read the next book in the series and binged that one just as fast! If you’re looking for a smoking hot series with the sweetest alpha/cinnamon rolls and strong fierce heroines then pick up this series!


Addison is back in Charleston. She left a few years ago and hasn’t been back. Her cousin is getting married though and Addison is bold enough to drop by the wedding – just to see the reaction from her estranged relatives.

Elijah is set to be the future mayor of Charleston. His father occupied the seat and now he is a natural shoo in. He’s planned the perfect wedding with his perfect fiancee. Only his fiancee stands him up at the alter. When he gets a chance to getaway from his failed nuptials Addison is in the car waiting to go.

What starts off as two people who hardly know each other turns in to so much more. I loved the easiness that Elijah and Addison have one another. They give each other shit, but also look out for one another. That kind of easy chemistry was evident from the moment these two met each other.

In typical Tessa Bailey fashion – she brought the heat and had the pages sizzling! The intimacy between Elijah and Addison was so real. I felt every push and pull of their relationship. They weren’t always perfect and didn’t always see eye to eye, but the love between them was so evident. Bailey sure does know how to write the sweetest heroes who are part alpha and part cinnamon roll and Elijah was all of those thing. I loved the sweet nicknames Elijah had for Addison and Addison’s obsession with Elijah’s butt was hilarious.


On the day of her wedding – literally minutes before she’s due to walk down the aisle – Naomi Clemons calls of her wedding. Her future husband – the mayor of Charleston – is the perfect man and on paper Naomi and Elijah are the perfect couple. But he doesn’t even know what kind of wine she likes to drink and they’re lacking that spark that Naomi craves. Naomi doesn’t want to go through the motions for the rest of her life and so she gets in her car and runs away.

Jason Bristow is on leave from the Special Forces. Circumstances have it that his sister Birdie who is a senior in high school is now in his care. Birdie and Jason have become distant over the years and they’re both grieving in their own ways over the loss of their sibling. An ad for a pageant coach leads Naomi to their door and immediately sparks fly between Jason and Naomi.

Grumpy meets sunshine is maybe one of my favorite tropes and Tessa Bailey does such a wonderful job with Jason and Naomi! I love how grumpy Jason is but equally how fierce and brave Naomi is. Naomi needs to prove to herself that she’s not just a former beauty queen and that she can stand on her own two feet without her parents money or help. Jason isn’t quite sure what to do with this gorgeous lady who is so far out of his league, but he decides to take a chance on her if she can help his sister with her quest to compete in a beauty pageant.

I loved the slow burn relationship between Jason and Naomi. Jason knows exactly when to back off and let Naomi make her own decisions. He never rushes her and is as patient with her as he can be. But being away with the Special Forces has built up a need in him to protect those close to him and Naomi is now in that inner circle. Their relationship was sweet, fun and so so sexy!

After reading Getaway Girl, I absolutely had to read more about Naomi and I’m so glad that I picked up Runaway Girl. Although this book can potentially be read a standalone I would recommend reading Getaway Girl first and then picking up Runaway Girl. I absolutely love this series so much and am so glad I read it!

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